State Bank of India *99# unifies USSD system with highly interoperable UPI platform

  • Unifying USSD system with highly interoperable UPI platform..
  • One Step onboarding process allowing users to send /receive money.
  • Allows mobile number @UPI for ex. 8108108644@UPI ) to become an address to receive money from UPI users.
  • Generates the separate debit & credit leg transactions (reduced time outs).
  • UPI collect for merchants for feature phone users using their mobile number.
  • System design scalable to address daily transaction volume of a billion users.
  • Adhering to state of art security standards and RBI’s compliance requirements.
  • Monitoring and analytics capability using common NPCI analytics systems.
  • Common Generic Application for UPI and USSD for all banks.
  • User has to dial *99# followed by language option as Hindi or English and Bank Identifiers as SBI.
  • List of Accounts linked will be displayed. Followed by entry of last 6 digits of Debit card and Expiry date. Upon selection NUUP registration is done.
  • In all cases VPA is Mobile Number @UPI.

a. Financials

  • Pay to Mobile number (USSD on–us), or VPA, or Aadhaar, MMID and IFSC.
  • Collect from Mobile number (USSD on-us) or VPA or Aadhaar(only for Aadhaar linked accounts within USSD).
  • Approve / decline collect requests.

b. Non-Financials

  • Register.
  • Check Balance.
  • Set / Reset UPI Pin.
  • View last 5 transactions on UPI.
  • See / Update Profile.
  • Change Bank accounts.