State Bank No queue is a unique App to enable customers to book a Virtual Queue Ticket (e-Token) for select services at select SBI branches.

  • Hassle free service for Customers of SBI as well as Non-SBI: Customers can book an instant queue ticket for selected services at select branches.
  • Eliminates unwanted queues in the branch: Branches can also have no-queues if customers are served as per particular time of appointment.
  • Better customer experience and customer satisfaction.
  • No queue facility is available in 3000+ Branches with 18 kind of different Banking services.
  • Download the No Queue App from App store.
  • One time Sign Up with basic information viz. Name and Mobile Number

STATE BANK NO Queue is a unique App to enable customers to book a Virtual Queue Ticket (e-Token) for select services at select SBI branches. Customers can generate e-Token before reaching the branch, thus avoiding waiting in the queue at the branch and saving valuable time. The App also conveys the estimated waiting time, number of customers ahead and a map showing the direction to reach the branch. Customers will be updated about their position in the queue through instant alerts.

Q.1. How do I download the SBI NO Queue mobile app?

A1. You can download the SBI NO Queue application from Google Play store for your Android Phones or iTunes App Store for iPhone.

Q.2. How do I sign up for SBI NO Queue app?

A.2. You can simply register with basic information i.e. Name, Mobile Number and Home Branch (if you are a SBI customer) start using the app. This is just one-time registration to use the app.

Q.3. How many services can I select in one transaction?

A.3. You can select minimum one and maximum five services in one transaction.

Q.4. How do I view the details of the branch?

A.4. Once you have selected the services, press “Next” to view the list of branches close to your vicinity (around 15 kms range), provided that the GPS is on. Please note that only those branches where queue machine is available shall appear on the list. If you have selected a home branch service or a combination of home branch service and a regular service, you will get redirected to you home branch. Press “Tap for details”, and you can view details such as expected waiting time and number of customers waiting in the queue for the selected branch.

Q.5. How do I book a virtual ticket?

A.5. Open SBI NO Queue app and choose the required services from the list. Press Next to view the list of available branches close to your vicinity. Press “Tap for details” to view the waiting customer details of that branch. Now press “Book” and swipe the slider bar to generate your Virtual Ticket. You will receive a notification and your position in the branch starting from 5th position.

Q.6. How do I reschedule or cancel my ticket?

A.6. Once you have booked your virtual ticket, you can reschedule or renew your ticket in case you are not sure of reaching the branch on time. Reschedule option will be available at the right bottom section of your app on the Virtual Ticket screen. Reschedule option allows you to re-book another ticket for same branch or any other branch for the same set of services that you had chosen earlier. You can also cancel your ticket in case you want to permanently cancel and start a fresh. Please note that reschedule option will be available only until you are 5 customers away from being called. Reschedule button will turn to “Activate” when you reach the 5th position in the branch. In such a case you can only cancel your ticket if you wish not to visit the branch.

Q.7. When should I Activate the virtual queue ticket?

A.7. You will receive a push notification when you book a virtual ticket and you are at 5th position. Activate button starts to highlight in different colours to let you know that you need to click the “Activate” button in order to be visible at branch client. Also, if you are in the vicinity of 100 meters of the branch you selected, your virtual ticket gets activated automatically, provided that GPS location is on of your device.

Q.8. Can I change the selected services?

A.8. Yes you can, click on the reschedule option and tap on settings icon following which you can remove or add new services. Also, before booking a virtual ticket.

Q.9. How do I change the preferred language?

A.9. In the menu slider, go to profile, here you can edit your preferred language as well as your name, mobile number and home branch.

Q.10. What if I do not activate my ticket?

A.10 If your virtual ticket has reached “Now” position and you do not activate your ticket, your virtual ticket will expire after 1 hour, you will get a notification stating that the virtual ticket has expired and you will have to book a fresh ticket.

Q.11. What if I activate my ticket and do not visit the branch?

A.11 In such a case, your number will be called at any of the available counters in the branch and shall be marked as missing. Your virtual ticket will be cleared and you will have to book a fresh ticket.

Q.12. Can I access from multiple mobile phones or only one mobile phone?

A12. State Bank NO Queue is accessible from any mobile phone with Android (OS 4.1+) and iPhone (iOS 8 and above), having internet connectivity.

Q.13. Can I share the app with my friends?

A13 Yes, you can share the app via Shareit, Whatsapp, Facebook, Hangout etc. You just need to go to the menu slider and click on Share.

Q.14. What are the requirements for accessing State Bank NO Queue?
  • A smart phone with Android (OS 4.1 or above) or iPhone (iOS 8 and above)
  • Internet connectivity like GPRS/EDGE/3G/Wi-Fi.
  • Location Services / GPS to be enabled for nearest location search.
Q.15. What are the charges for availing this service?

State Bank NO Queue app is available at no cost for all users. However, the Internet usage charges payable to the Telecom Service provider will apply. Please contact your Telecom operator for the internet usage charges.

Q.16. Which Operating Systems and their versions are supported by State Bank NO Queue?

While it is our endeavor that State Bank NO Queue App be operated on all handsets mentioned earlier, you may experience issues with some handsets which do not have the required display resolutions and form factors. Presently, our application is supported by the following versions of different operating systems:

  • Android (OS 4.1 or above)
  • iPhone (iOS 8 and above)

For Trouble shooting or queries, please contact our Technical Helpdesk on +919833575450/ +917045453713